Treatment Fees

At Evergreen Dentistry we offer a range of treatments, and regularly review our fees to ensure we provide highly competitive rates for our high quality service.

We will always discuss the full range of treatment options available to best suit your needs and budget.

Click on one of the treatments listed for detailed pricing lists, or visit our Treatments page for more information.

Initial Assessment (Deposit £30) £90.00
Exam £65.00
Emergency £65.00
Radiographs Small (intraoral) £12.50
Radiographs Large (OPG) £40.00
Tooth Whitening consultation Free
Tooth Whitening £389.00
Tooth whitening – Extra Syringes (set of 4 syringes) £150.00
Sports Mouthguard £140.00


Hygienist (Routine) from £65.00
Periodontal Treatment from £389.00


Composite (White) Filling from £135.00
Temporary Filling from £35.00
Single-Rooted Tooth from £545.00
Multi-Rooted Tooth from £635.00


Crowns from £720.00
Emax Veneer from £720.00
Recement Crown from £65.00
Resin Bonded (Sticky) Bridge from £639.00
Conventional Bridge from £950.00
Recement Bridge from £85.00


Extraction from £169.00
Surgical Extraction from £357.00


Full Acrylic Denture (Per denture) from £720.00
Partial Acrylic Denture from £626.00
Chrome Denture (per denture) from £1,049.00
Invisalign Go® Consultation £100.00
Invisalign Go® Treatment (Deposit £495) from £2,995.00
Orthodontic Consultation (Deposit £30) £180.00
Fixed Orthodontics (Upper & Lower) from £3500.00
Fixed Orthodontics with cosmetic brackets (Upper & Lower) from £4000.00
Essix Removable Retainer (per set) from £280.00
Vivera Removable Retainer (per set of 3) from £595.00
Fixed Retainer (per arch) from £180.00


Smile Design Consultation £100.00
Smile Design Treatment (per 6 teeth) from £1500.00
Updated 15th March 2021
Prices subject to change.

I am really happy with the treatment I received, the new filling looks natural – you can’t even tell there is a filling there, and it has also lasted. The staff were friendly and professional and the service I received was really good.

Staff always friendly and professional and I have absolute faith in Michelle, the Hygienist, and Matthew, my Dentist.

Despite this not being my regular dental practice I was able to book an emergency appointment at short notice to assess and treat a painful tooth. The staff were highly professional and helpful and when I told them the pain had increased considerably over night they managed to bring my scheduled appointment forward 24hrs. During the visit an X-ray was taken and the dentist talked me through the results, treatment options and recommendations. This was done very clearly. The dentist then proceeded to treat the infected tooth even though the practice was due to close for the day. I was very impressed with the whole experience.

Top notch service, and they openly give you options on how to proceed with dental care, i.e. for me, choices on whether to have braces or not. They give their opinions but ultimately let you decide, with the appropriate amount of information. Would recommend!

My daughter has received thorough and professional treatment at Evergreen Dental Surgery.

We visited the orthodontist in this practice through an NHS referral from our usual dentist for my son. He is a very nervous 8-year-old and despite this being an assessment appointment only, I was very impressed with the way he was involved. The lovely dentist that saw us and their assistant made my son feel at ease and took their time to explain clearly what was going to happen. Really good service despite not being our usual dentist.

I would highly recommend Evergreen Dentistry. I find my Dentist to be very professional.

I have been a patient at Evergreen for many years and have been totally satisfied with both the service I have received and the treatment given. So satisfied, that when I moved away from the area, I chose to make the journey to remain with the practice.

The dentist is AMAZING and cannot recommend enough! He’s thorough, knowledgeable, funny and kind and totally put my son at ease throughout the entire procedure.

The treatment was excellent – my daughter has a perfect smile. I would highly recommend the dentist to my friends and family. Very good service throughout the treatment.